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Pays 8%

Safe / Secured / Guaranteed / 1031 Exchange Eligible / NO DST Complications

We Pay 8% To Our Investors!

We Only Buy National Retail Tenants
With Guarantee Income

  • Low minimum investment of $25,000
  • Double Digit IRR
  • May be tax deferred
  • Qualifies for self-directed IRA &1031
  • No correlation to stock market
  • Investor owns a portion of the property

Providing Experienced Investment Strategies

The Future of Real Estate Fund Investments

In the current state of the real estate industry, a building's physical condition, market conditions, debt exposure, and existing rental rates are all components of risk. Ford Investment Properties is here to help you counteract those risks by offering real estate investment products from select financial institutions. With this method, individual investors like you are able to leverage our strategic approach to income-generating investments for your own portfolio.

Gain more returns and expose related risks when looking for investment assets with the help of Ford Investment Properties. When it comes to re-leasing, leverage build up, and capital investments, we know who to call and how to handle everything.


Avoiding the pitfalls associated with triple net (NNN) and other investment properties is no easy task. Our team has developed a strict acquisition criteria to help us rate, analyze, and determine the right potential investments.


Achieve your goals in life the easy way by tapping into your own personal strength. Our owner channels much of his expertise in his real estate career to help you become more successful in life through his book, Life's Shortcuts.

Life's Shortcuts

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Experience The Power of Tax Shelter Investments and Secure Your Financial Wealth and Freedom

Ford Investment Properties (FIP) based in Stuart, Florida, owns and operates first-rate commercial real estate for investors both here and abroad. We offer traditional real estate investment trusts, through a small balance real estate fund structure, to individual accredited investors, as well as like-kind exchanges under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. As a result of our extensive experience with multi-tenant commercial real estate, we are now moving forward and focusing on NNN single credit tenant assets in the necessity retail sector. Basically, what we do is offer you more chances of getting returns while eliminating possible risks that could threaten your principal.

For more than 25 years, we've been providing stable strategies for repositioning opportunities and ground-up development projects. Joe Ford, our president and founder, started in the industry back in the 1990s, buying properties for his portfolio. Eventually, he transitioned to the business of raising equity for investors who want to be in the commercial real estate space, but do not have the expertise or the large amount of capital required to do it themselves. With that kind of experience, you can be sure that we have the expertise to manage your assets.

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