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A Unique Approach on Real Estate Financing and Investment Strategies

Learn how Ford Investment Properties, based in Stuart, Florida, overcomes any risks through sound investment strategies. Today, we employ these strategies as we focus on the acquisition of triple net properties for our private equity fund portfolio. This commercial realty subclass is a reliable source of income with generally longer terms leases on the underlying properties and very little, if any, landlord responsibilities. Read our brochure to learn more about the highlights of our investment methodologies.

Why invest in Ford Funds?

A New Focus

As a result of our experience with multi-tenant commercial real estate, we are now shifting our focus towards triple net single credit tenant assets. We are managing our current portfolio of multi-tenant assets, but we no longer pursue new acquisitions of this asset class.

Understanding the Risks

Triple net assets are a lot less risky and a bit more consistent than occupancies and rent rolls. One challenge with this subclass is determining which properties offer greater returns versus the relative risks involved. Another challenge is putting together the best possible acquisitions, as these properties are very much in-demand by other investors. To overcome such challenges, our team employs a set of strategies that will be of great benefit to you.


Overcome the challenges involved in dealing with high-risk real estate. Our past experience and expertise in actively managing multi-tenant properties has allowed us to develop our current acquisition criteria and proprietary financial model. This helps us avoid the pitfalls associated with these types of properties. With our strong foundations in building assessments surrounding local market surveying and hands-on management, we can easily deal with any contingencies.

Financial Modeling

Get an accurate forecast of investor returns with our help. This is possible by taking into account many variables that may directly affect the flow of income. We integrate detailed financial modeling into our real estate selection process to assist in predicting the property's performance after the acquisition.


Financing is one of the key strengths of our team. From typical lenders to brokers working at the national level, our connections and relationships know no bounds. These strategic partnerships make sure that the debt financing placed on our properties carry the best rates and terms available.

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