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Acquiring Profitable Commercial Real Estate for Investors

With the demand for triple net investment properties at an all-time high, you'll need a company that offers the most viable options. Ford Investment Properties in Stuart, Florida, has property acquisition techniques geared towards giving you the only profitable and worthwhile investments available on the market.

Business Meeting

Market Trends

Our acquisition team is looking at additional properties while following current market trends for triple net assets, specifically in capitalization rates to ensure the best returns. Properties are identified through a variety of sources, including traditional real estate brokers and internet listings.

Alternative sources, such as accountants, lawyers, bankers, and others, are also considered. To make sure we have an updated list of properties, our investment committee meets weekly to review potential acquisitions. The committee rates and analyzes each property based on a matrix composed of a number of factors.

Five-Factor Matrix:

• Lease Base Term
• Tenant Credit
• Rental Rate vs. Market Rate
• Area Demographics
• Relative Cap Rate

Property Selection

Ford Investment Properties is proud to have developed our own set of criteria, and proprietary financial model, for acquiring new investment properties. We review the advantages and risks to determine a bid price and maximum price. Properties with favorable terms are acceptable, but they must also be reviewed and fit within our financial model. Every property must first be assessed before we consider it as a potential acquisition. By applying the same factors to each potential investment, we can select the property that we believe will provide the best performance in the long run.

Ideal Acquisitions Criteria:

• Leases to Prominent Nationally Recognized Tenants
• Long-Term Leases (Generally 10 Years or More) with Investment         Grade and Other Credit-Worthy Tenants
• Diversified by Location, Industry Type, and Size of Property
• Properties Free and Clear of Existing Debt

• Triple or Double Net Leases with the Tenant Responsible for Most 
  or All of the Property's Operating and Capital Expenditures during 
  the Lease Term
• Well-Located, Freestanding, Single-Tenant Buildings generally 
   located on the corner of Main and Main in demographically  diverse and growing communities.