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Business Tips

Ford Investment Properties in Stuart, Florida, is the brainchild of Joe Ford, an accomplished real estate investment professional who has been managing tangible real assets since 1990. All of his expertise is now compiled in his book called Life's Shortcuts: How to Polish Your Most Important Asset: You. You can learn :

  • Real Life Examples of Life' Shortcuts
  • 12 Reasons Why You Should Work for Yourself
  • Proven Techniques That Take You to Your Goals Faster
  • Why Aggravation Is Your Friend
  • How to Understand Your Money Energy
  • How to Become Your Own Mentor and Why You Should

How These Shortcuts Can Help Your Life

The shortcuts that you will learn in this book provide hard-earned advice to help you carve out your own successful path in the shortest, most effective manner possible. Joe Ford is the founder of Ford Investment Properties and its affiliates. He has an extensive background in real estate and business development that spans over 30 years. As an entrepreneur, Joe has owned and operated businesses in a multitude of economic sectors, including a medical practice management company, medical rehabilitation clinics, a medical hair restoration clinic, a fast food restaurant, and wholesale, as well as retail beverage distribution outlets. 

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